The Huntress of Iyhiri (Excerpt)

tree with large root system
Photo by Daniel Watson on

Her foot catching on an exposed root, Agnez tumbled forward, twisting her ankle and landing on her stomach. Still gripping her bow in one hand and an arrow in the other, she rolled to her side to get up and saw the tendril coming toward her, seeming to fly over the earth. Bringing the arrow up to the string, she aimed for the center of the thing, hoping it had a heart to be pierced. The arrow hit its target with a thud and was sucked into the monster, but it did nothing to slow its pace. Scrambling to her feet, Agnez ran. A hissing sound filled the forest. Iyhiri, her home, was dying behind her, and all she could do was run.

Huntress is still in edits but I can’t wait to share her with you all on The Huntress of Iyhiri. Check back soon for more updates!

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