Monday Night Six Word Story 5.3.21

Welcome to tonight’s six word story! Here’s how it works. Post your six word story in the comments below or post on your own blog and share a link to your six word story post in the comments. Are you new to the six word story? If so, no worries. It’s exactly what it sounds […]

Fuck You, Diabetes

Robot Butt recently published a piece of mine, Fuck You, Diabetes (An Un-Love Letter), and they are having a little contest to see which of their April published pieces can get the most traffic. Please help me out by clicking here to read my un-love letter to Diabetes. The contest goes through April 30. I […]

WWW Wednesday 4.28.21

WWW is hosted by Taking on a World of Words. To participate, share your three W’s in the comments below or post on your blog and share the link in the comments below. The Three Ws are:What are you currently reading?What did you recently finish reading?What do you think you’ll read next? What are you […]

WWW Wednesday 4.21.21

WWW Wednesday is hosted by Taking on a World of Words. Let’s jump in! What are you currently reading? Cold Fire by Dean Koontz. I just love his books. This one falls under the paranormal thriller category. I enjoy how he tells two (or more) different stories, one for each character, and then brings them […]

Monday Night Six Word Story 4.19.21

Are you familiar with the six word story? If it is new to you, it’s exactly what it sounds like. A beginning, middle, and end of a story in exactly six words, not counting a title if you choose to use one. They are tricky and I often find myself struggling with them. Which words […]

Dog Stories Part 2

This is Penelope, also known as PP, Miss Pees-a-lot, Lil Bit, Ding Dong, Little Buggy Butt, and Ms. P. She kisses, hugs, and occasionally tries to bite me.  But it didn’t start with hugs and kisses. Penelope, who once was called Princess Peach, was living on the streets with a young man who went into […]