As much as I love reading and writing, I love my dogs more. So this page is for them. Pictures, stories, random dog stuff that I hope you will find interesting or funny or sweet. To start off, here’s a photo of my three fuzzybutts. Meet Omar, PP, and Lu-Bug.

Aren’t they some cute doggos? I’ll share each of their stories in the coming weeks. They each have a unique history that makes them special. And I promise I’m not just saying that because they’re mine.

To read Lu’s story, zoom on over to Dog Stories Part 1.

It’s Lu!

To read Penelope’s story, fetch Dog Stories Part 2.

Ms. P!

To read Omar’s story, shake yourself over to Dog Stories Part 3.

Omar, Omar, Omar!

Dog Stories Part 4: Rocky’s Hotdog (Or, The Best Day of Rocky’s Life). Dive on in to read about it!

It’s Rock-Rock!