The Huntress of Iyhiri

When her mother was killed by a fangcat six months after her father was murdered during a Ceasixus raid on her village, Agnez became, at ten years old, her family’s matriarch and mother to her three month old baby sister. Thirteen years later, a creature is destroying her world and she has to fight to save the only family she has left: her sister, Rajhani.

But can Agnez, the elite huntress of Iyhiri, defeat an enemy that has no name and incinerates anything it touches?

Perhaps the Euryfera outcast, Yaalon, and his companion Rockdog, and Iyhirin wolf, will give her both the family she wants and the help she needs…

5.22.21: Huntress is live! Chapter 1 is up on Wattpad and new chapters will be posted every 1-2 weeks. I’m so excited to finally be able to share this story with everyone.

Ch 1: Click here to read the first chapter of The Huntress of Iyhiri

Ch 2: Click here to read chapter two!

Ch 3: To find out how Agnez and Yaalon meet, click here.

Ch 4: Chapter 4 is live on Wattpad.

Ch 5: Villain number one is here. Chapter 5 is alive.

Ch 6: It’s here! Let’s get in Agnez’s head a bit. And set up for next week’s fight scene. Who wants to see the trio kick some ass?

Ch 7: In which the trio defend themselves from a Ceasixus killing party. Read it here!

Ch 8: Find out what happens when Agnez discovers Rajhani is missing!

Ch 9: This week, Rajhani gets the chance to show you what she’s made of!

Ch 10: What happens when Agnez’s village is destroyed? And who destroyed it? Find out here.

Ch 11: Is Thalassa fact or fiction? Find out this week!

Ch 12: So, what IS Thalassa, and what kind of deal is she trying to make with Yaalon? Find out here.

Ch 13: Is live! Chapter 13 is short chapter so 14 went up this week, too. Enjoy!

Ch 14: What kind of deal did Yaalon accept? Can Thalassa really deliver? Find out here.

Ch 15: Yaalon and Agnez sitting in a tree…literally. They’re up on a hunting platform in a tree right now.

Ch 16: A villain returns. Find out who here.

Ch 17: Yaalon goes home. See what happens here.

Ch 18: Is live! See what happens next here!

Ch 19: Live on Wattpad. Has Yaalon been hiding something from Ra and Agnez? Find out here.

Ch 20: Ra and Agnez encounter Thalassa with a little help from Rockdog.

Ch 21: Jump into the Vi’qom ship here!

Ch 22: See what happens inside the ship here.

Ch 23: Rockdog and Ra take on Cyran one last time!

Ch 24: Find out if Agnez saves her home and sister here.

Ch 25: Wait, what happened to the rest of the tribe?

Ch 26: And what happened to Rajhani and Yaalon?

2 thoughts on “The Huntress of Iyhiri

  1. I enjoyed this first chapter. Plenty of action kept up the pace and the backstory was nicely inserted without being overwhelming. I felt that the introduction of other characters was possibly too much, but it did lead to excellent cliffhanger at the end. And the semi-primitive world building was very well done. I’d definitely read more. (I’m not a Wattpad fan and did not want to provide access they requested, so my comments here instead. )

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