The Carnival Ride “Seems a little bumpy in here, huh?” “Well, you wanted a good ride.” “Yeah, but who are those guys and why is it so loud?” “Who cares? You said you wanted a good ride. I got you a good ride.” “I guess, but… how long is this ride?” “Should be over in […]

Just Be Naked

I wrote this several years ago and have never found the right place to publish it. Perhaps because it’s a little quirky. Or slightly uncomfortable for some folks. It offers a look into my childhood living with alcoholic nudists. Yeah, you read that right. Enjoy… Just Be Naked It’s hard to take someone seriously with […]

On Writing Again (and submitting for publication)

After working 2-3 jobs at a time to put myself through a BA in English and a MA in English and Creative Writing (while managing chronic health issues and dealing with going through and the aftermath of divorce, I entered into the (not so) exciting field of property management. It gave me steady income, good […]