shark swimming in blue water

Hungry Shark

Hungry shark, hungry shark swimming in a tank.

Felt a little hungry, wanted a steak.

Looked all around and spotted a human,

Thought, Might not be bad, I’ll just add some cumin.


Scared human, scared human swimming in a tank.

Swimming like hell to avoid being steak.

Thought that they’d dip a bit o’ toe in the water.

Fell to the side and turned into fodder.


Splashy oh splashy, shark and human race.

Will Sharky get dinner? Will human escape?

One wants dinner and one wants to live.

Will human become a salty flesh sieve?


Welcome to the One Hundred Word Story Picture Prompt. New pictures are posted on Wednesdays. Use that image to write a 100(ish) word story. It doesn’t have to be exact, but keep the word count as close as possible. Any story, any genre (but no hate here). You can post here in the comments or link back to your 100-word-story on your blog!

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