Wednesday Picture Prompt: One Hundred(ish) Word Story

The Pink Mug

Pink mug with light background sitting on fabric
Photo by Andrzej Gdula from Pexels

What will I do today, I think as I sit at my dining table, the pink mug in front of me steaming in the crisp morning air.

Will I love? Will I lie? Will I kill? Will I die?

You weren’t expecting that, were you? After all, it’s a pink mug. Pink isn’t macabre. Pink is bright and happy and, for some reason, feels innocent. It says I should garden or donate to charity. But how do we know that pink isn’t the color of murder?

Well, we don’t.

Hmm… maybe I’ll just make it the color of travel instead.


Welcome to the One Hundred Word Story Picture Prompt. On Wednesdays, a new image will be posted. Use that image to write a 100(ish) word story. It doesn’t have to be exact, but keep the word count as close as possible. Any story, any genre (but no hate here). You can post here in the comments or link back to your 100-word-story on your blog!

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