Superman (A Poem Written by My Brother)

This poem was written by my brother back in the 90s. I’m not crediting him by name because I’m sure he doesn’t want me to. But he did give me permission to share this so here goes:

shadow of young male child wearing a cape
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It was back in 1938 from Krypton out in space,

That the Man of steel arrived on Earth to save the human race.

He stood up for law and order, filled the foulest fiend with fear.

And although he lacked a green card, we were glad that he was here.


He could leap the tallest building in a single super bound.

He could change the course of rivers, swim the depths and not drown.

He could catch a speeding bullet and outfly a bird or plane,

All of which most surely helped in makin’ points with Lois Lane.


So we followed his adventures as his earthly days were spent,

In the Daily Planet as wimpy one, Clark Kent.

Though it seemed to us his colleagues were a bunch of asses

Not to recognize the Man of Steel behind those glasses.

But there soon sprang up strong rivals, each of whom made quite a splash,

Namely Batman, Wonder Woman, The Green Lantern, and The Flash.

And he worried for his future as they joined him in the chase –

Was he still the Man of Steel or just another pretty face?


More anxiety he suffered as he paid the price of fame,

To a bunch of second-raters ripping off his noble name.

Supergirl, Bartman, Supermouse, and Superteen,

Each one cheapening his image, each one scalping up the scene.


“Life’s a bitch,” our hero muttered in the throes of deep depression,

Which he spilled out to his therapist at eighty bucks a session.

But then happily he got a break that filled his heart with cheer;

It was Superman: The Movie and would salvage his career.

Was he back in all his glory? There seemed little doubt

As he socked it to Lex Luthor in a stunning show of clout.

But the sequels bombed so badly that a comeback was denied him.

Fickle fans now turned against him and critics crucified him.


How it pained him seeing Batman take his place as number one,

Making megabucks from movies, selling t-shirts by the ton.

How he suffered when the ninja craze electrified the nation.

Getting aced out by a turtle was the worst humiliation.


Cast aside, he had to wonder if his life had any worth.

And he wished he’d landed somewhere else than here on planet Earth.

And he wallowed in self-pity as he cursed his rotten luck.

Did the “S” he wore so proudly stand for Superman or schmuck?


Rest in peace once mighty Superman – for you there’s no tomorrow.

You were slain by evil doomsday but our hearts feel a little sorrow.

What a pity when the chips were down you chose not to survive.

Some say you died courageously – we know you took a dive.

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