Dog Stories Part 1

I adopted “Unnamed” June 17th, 2015. My dog Rocky has just passed away from an aggressive form of cancer and I was absolutely heartbroken. 

I didn’t stand a chance against those eyes…

“Unnamed” was on a raised bed in a habitat with big, sad brown puppy eyes as I walked by, her little chin resting on her paws. She tracked me with those eyes but never lifted her head. I was looking for a small dog that might be difficult to adopt out due to special needs. My Rocky was diabetic and between diabetes and cancer, I had gained a lot of experience with special needs. “Unnamed” was classically cute and had no health issues so I thought she would have no problem finding a loving home. I kept walking. 

I wandered through the kennels and habitats looking at the dogs and waiting for something that told me that I had found the one. I played with a cutie named Bobo for a while but I didn’t think that his personality would mesh well with my other dog, Omar.

I finally made my way back around to “Unnamed” and asked if I could meet her. Those sad eyes tugged at my heart and I wanted to give her some attention. 

cute dog chihuahua
The first pic I took of “Unnamed” at the shelter meet-and-greet.

A shelter technician took us out to a small meet-and-greet yard and “Unnamed” sniffed around for a bit. I sat down and called her to me. She ran straight to me, jumped in my lap, and started giving me all the kisses she had to give. I hadn’t smiled since Rocky died and her tiny kisses made me smile and laugh. I played and ran around with her for about fifteen minutes, picked her up, found the shelter tech that had helped me, and said, “I’m taking her home.” 

cute dog smiling

She had to be spayed before she could go home with me so I went through the adoption process, scheduled her surgery, and went home after giving her lots of tiny hugs and kisses. I returned to the shelter every day to play with her until the day (five long days later) I was able to take her home. I cradled her like a baby when they handed her over. The anesthesia from her surgery hadn’t quite worn off so she was awake but a bit groggy. 

cute dog sleeping curled up

What I didn’t know when I brought her home was that she has a special gift. Ever since developing diabetes, I have had episodic depression. I am able to keep it at bay with diet and exercise and keeping my blood sugar stable for the most part. But sometimes it gets the better of me. 

cute dog giving kisses

It turns out that “Unnamed,” whom I called “Little Girl” for days before settling on a name, is able to tell when those depressive episodes hit and will not leave me alone until I feel better. She stays next to me at all times, constantly climbing onto my lap and kissing my face until she is satisfied that I feel better. She won’t play, doesn’t nap or ask in her doggy way for treats or extra walks, nothing. She just stays with me until I feel better. 

cute dog smiling in grass

I’ve lost count of how many times “Unnamed” has healed my heart over the years. She’s the most precious, silliest, loving, fuzzybutt. And I named her Tallulah Leigh.

cute dog in wonder woman costume
Halloween 2018. Yes, I dress my dogs up in costumes, but only for the photos and then off they go.
cute dog in crochet captain kirk costume
Here she is as Kirk, looking entirely irritated with having to wear a sweater.

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