Day Six: Dig Deep Into a Social Network

Photo by Pixabay on

And day six is here. I use Facebook because I was already there, and started a Twitter account. Both are linked to this site. I’m really not big on social media other than to use it to stay in touch with family and share links to adoptable dog posts at the local shelters. Which reminds me, if you’re still just here for the dogs, click here for the Doggo page or here for the doggo poem, Conversations I Have with My Dogs. It’s a work of nonfiction.

Since I’m not much for social media accounts, I’ve decided to use them to share others’ posts that I enjoy. We can all help each other out by doing so. If you have something you’d like me to share, whether it be prose or poetry, comedy, video, art, or anything else you’ve put your heart into, comment here with a link. But keep in mind if that something is hateful and insulting to any group, it won’t be shared.

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