Running Water

Originally posted on Laura A. Lord:
Our daughter collects boxes. Big boxes. Small boxes. Boxes with purple lids that pop off or snap open on old brass hinges. Boxes with black velvet on the sides and pale blonde ribbons around the top. Boxes with soft cotton inside and holes pierced through the lids. Boxes in…

Forest Tents

We used to build these fantastic forts out of branches and twigs and enormous leaves that grew on some variety of oak or ash trees. Truthfully, I can’t remember. It was so many years ago. Every day during the summer, my brother, sister, and I would get ready for the day and head out. Which […]

The Benefits of Being Dead

I’ve never been afraid of death. Dying, maybe. Because how can we know in what fashion we’ll shuffle off this mortal coil? Trite, right? Sigh… If my death is sudden and tragic, I hope that it is at least interesting. Something like “Woman Struck by Cow on Bike” (I’m on the bike, not the cow, […]