woman under water wearing sequined bathing suit holding green balloon with black background
Photo by Engin Akyurt on

Underwater Woman

So, I’m underwater with this green balloon. I perform water dances for grown-up folks and child-type folks and cats and dogs and whatever else walks in front of my glass tank. I get to spend my day in the water, a solitary existence even though people surround me. They’re not climbing in the water. Perfect for an introvert like me. 

I take breaths occasionally from that tube behind me, hidden in the darkness. I’m careful to make sure my chest rises and falls slowly, normally. But, here’s the thing: I don’t need the air tube. I don’t have lungs.


Welcome to the One Hundred Word Story Picture Prompt. New pictures are posted on Wednesdays. Use that image to write a 100(ish) word story. It doesn’t have to be exact, but keep the word count as close as possible. Any story, any genre (but no hate here). You can post here in the comments or link back to your 100-word-story on your blog!

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