Snow covered mountain with light background with clouds around the top of the mountain.
Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger on

The Mountain

The lady of the mountain, the one that grants dreams, she lives up there. Tucked away from eyes in the light, she’s only seen in dreams of the night.

The lady of the mountain makes dreams come true. Be careful what you dream.

They aren’t the dreams you wish to come true. Only the dreams that already speak truth. The dreams she catches as she flies through sleeping minds, casting judgement.

Mind what you take along to slumber. Make right your wrongs before you sleep. Don’t feed the lady of the mountain. You may never wake from the deep.


Welcome to the One Hundred Word Story Picture Prompt. New pictures are posted on Wednesdays. Use that image to write a 100(ish) word story. It doesn’t have to be exact, but keep the word count as close as possible. Any story, any genre (but no hate here). You can post here in the comments or link back to your 100-word-story on your blog!

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