Once Again: Fuck You, Diabetes

Do you think diabetes should fuck off? Me, too! And I wrote it a letter telling it so. Robot Butt was generous enough to share my letter to diabetes with the world back in April. If you’d like to kill diabetes and bury it in the desert, read my letter and then tell me what you think of diabetes in the comments below.

finger with blood samples for glucose level testing, i hate diabetes
When you can just squeeze your finger to get a blood sample. Yes, this really is my finger. Fuck you, Diabetes.

2 thoughts on “Once Again: Fuck You, Diabetes

  1. I think diabetes is insidious and deadly. It has claimed the lives of at least two of my family members. It scares the shit out of me that my best friend and father have it, too. Fuck diabetes. I think it should suck a bag of dicks, or even a boatload of them.

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