Branding and Growth, Day Two: Audit Your Brand

Day two of Blogging U and today I am looking at my brand. I spent a while yesterday playing with themes and colors to see how they worked with my content and I decided on a new theme and color palette. I like the cleaner look of this theme with an excerpt for each post rather than making you read or scroll through each post in its entirety. I also like that the widgets that connect to my social media pages sit right at the top so they won’t get lost at the bottom of who-knows-how-many blog posts over time. I also snipped my blog name and added it as the cover photo for my Twitter and Facebook pages as well.

Just joining in? You can follow along from day one right here.

You can also sign up for Branding and Growth with Blogging U by visiting this page.

Or, if you are still just here for the dogs, click here.

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