Wednesday Picture Prompt: One Hundred(ish) Word Story


open laptop on plank floor with chair and cabinet in background of neutral colors
Photo by Vlada Karpovich on


“Mama’s in the living room, kiddo. She’s working.”

“Mama not there,” the toddler replied, pointing to the vacant space on the living room floor in front of the open laptop.

“That’s strange. She was just there…” the man said, setting the steaming platter of enchiladas down on the dining table. 

“Hun? Where’d you go? Dinner’s ready.”

“Mama in.”

He looked down at his curly-haired boy and smiled nervously. “In where, kiddo?”

“In there,” the toddler said, pointing again toward the empty space.

She saw them, her family, as they searched for her, but only when they walked in front of the webcam.


Welcome to the One Hundred Word Story Picture Prompt. On Wednesdays, a new image will be posted. Use that image to write a 100(ish) word story. It doesn’t have to be exact, but keep the word count as close as possible. Any story, any genre (but no hate here). You can post here in the comments or link back to your 100-word-story on your blog!

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