Monday Night Six Word Story 10.18.21

Tonight’s six word story is a little different. My mom is back in the ICU. She made it out and I’ve been able to talk to her a couple times. She video called me through Facebook last night. Our conversations have been short. It’s still hard for her to talk after being intubated.

This morning, after discovering that she had internal bleeding, she was taken back to the ICU, where they did an angiogram and determined that she has a GI bleed. She was given two units of blood and is stable. Tomorrow, they plan to go in for a more invasive look and find & fix the location where the bleed is (there’s more but I don’t have the energy to go into all the details).

She’s been in the hospital for two weeks. I live in California. She’s in Pennsylvania.

So, here’s tonight’s six word story:

I want to hug my mom.

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